Build Contracts in Minutes
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Hourglass helps you build contracts and
collect e-signatures from clients.

Never work for free again

Your savings are running low and that nagging pain keeps coming back: what happens if you do all this work and never get paid? You haven't been paid in weeks and sometimes it feels like freelancing is a constant gamble. You face the same uncertainty and anxiety with every project.

Before long you feel frustrated. Hopeless. You'd give anything to hop in a DeLorean, go back in time, and at least ask for a deposit (but you ended up deciding against it because you didn't want to sour your chances of landing the gig). Your contract process is in disarray and it feels like you're walking a tightrope without a safety net.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

What if you could start each new project with a signed contract, a happy client, and a focused mindset? How would it feel to have your cash flow like a river instead of a leaky faucet? Wouldn't it be nice to sit at your desk and start typing away with a spring in your step - every day! - knowing that you’ll be getting paid for the project that you and your client agreed upon? No more scope creep. Wouldn't you rather enjoy your free time feeling confident and at ease about your projects and cash flow?

Get paid and work without stress

Hourglass is your new secret weapon and trusted sidekick that helps you protect your business. With Hourglass, you can build contracts, plan milestones, and gather e-signatures with just a few simple clicks. Using best practices, you'll get your projects moving from "pending" to "in progress" with no headaches. Say "goodbye" to uncommitted clients and "hello" to near-instant contracts, seamless e-signatures, and more predictable business.

"We were wasting so much time just waiting for the contract to be finalized"

Time is money. All those hours spent wrestling with contracts and waiting for clients to sign on the dotted line are weighing your business down like an anchor.

Imagine what your business would be like if:

Does that sound awesome to you or what? We think it does (which is why we built Hourglass in the first place!). Anchors are for boats, not businesses. Stop letting your contract workflow drag you down.

"Hourglass turned a painful part of my business into a cakewalk!"

Contract Builder

Tired of wrestling with Microsoft Word or sketchy contract templates that you found online? Suffering from the find-and-replace blues? Let Hourglass help you build professional contracts in minutes with its Contract Builder.


Waiting for a client's signature is wasted time and money. Instead of waiting by the mailbox or scheduling in-person meetings, let us handle the signatures. New projects can get e-signatures in minutes with our secure and legally-binding e-signature platform.

Secure Backups

Would you rather walk over broken glass than fiddle with another paper contract via fax or mail? Stop! Hourglass takes care of automatic PDF contract backups. It's all secured with bank-grade SSL encryption so you can sleep sound at night.

Professional Templates

Our boilerplate contract templates will help you build contracts in minutes. Need to customize a contract to your project? No problem, our drag-and-drop contract editor makes it a snap. Save your custom contracts with the click of a button and get on with your work day!

Project Dashboard

Can't see the forest for the trees? Multiple projects got you bogged down? Hourglass let's you get a 10,000 foot view of your business. Need to see when a contract was last viewed and whether or not it's been signed? Yea, Hourglass let's you do that.

Cloud Backup

Best of all, Hourglass runs 100% on the web right through your browser. There's no software to download (and no files to lose in a crash). Access your Dashboard and get work done anywhere you have an internet connection.


$29Per Month

  • 3 Signed Contracts per month
  • Contract Building & E-Signatures
  • Bank-grade SSL encryption
  • Signed Contract PDF Backups by Email
  • Fast Email Support
  • Single User


$49Per Month

  • 10 Signed Contracts per month
  • Contract Building & E-Signatures
  • Bank-grade SSL encryption
  • Signed Contract PDF Backups by Email
  • Fast Email Support
  • 5 Users


$99Per Month

  • 30 Signed Contracts per month
  • Contract Building & E-Signatures
  • Bank-grade SSL encryption
  • Signed Contract PDF Backups by Email
  • Priority Phone Support
  • 15 Users


$299Per Month

  • Unlimited Signed Contracts
  • Contract Building & E-Signatures
  • Bank-grade SSL encryption
  • Signed Contract PDF Backups by Email
  • Priority Phone Support
  • Unlimited Users

Try it for 60 days. If you aren't happy, we'll make it right or you'll get a full refund.

Reasons you'll love building contracts and starting projects with Hourglass.

Drag-n-Drop Contract Creation

Stop ctrl-find-replacing that old Word document. Hourglass lets you build contracts in less time, without all the the hassle.

  • Start with killer contract templates and edit them as you see fit.
  • Move clauses with a simple click and drag and save your most-used templates.
  • Don't worry about forgetting to ctrl-find-replace an old client. Hourglass takes care of that!

See Pending Contracts

Want to know if your client has checked out the latest contract you sent him?

  • See when your contract was last viewed.
  • Download a PDF backup of your contract for your records.
  • Easily re-send past contracts for additional signature requests.

Your client gets notified by email

Tired of mailing contracts back or forth or fumbling with email attachments?

  • Clients get contract signature requests right in their inbox.
  • They're provided with a secure link to review the contract.
  • You get notified when they've viewed the contract.

Sign right from the browser

Nothing is worse than waiting for a hard copy version of a contract before you can get started.

  • Clients can sign on the dotted line right in the browser!
  • You get notified instantly as soon as the contract is signed.
  • Both parties receive PDF backups of the signed contract.

Keep pending and paid projects in order

Want to know if your contracts have been signed or viewed?

  • Hourglass' Project Dashboard updates the instant your client views or signs a contract.
  • Know when they've signed so you don't start working for free!